Prioritise & Thrive

What you give your attention to grows

I create space for people to find clarity & support in 1:1 calls & group workshops.

I’m Charlotte Bailey, a Creative & Coach

My clients are ambitious in what they have achieved and overcome. They come to me because their current way of operating is no longer fit for purpose if they are to reach a new goal or make a wider impact. Passion & income is what sustains good work, so I help with the practical side of their career as well as the inspirational.

With a commitment to making time for yourself you can be on your way to doing your best work.

I used to think that productivity was getting things ticked off the to do list. Now I understand that it’s getting one step closer towards living as your truest self by your values. It’s working towards quests unique to you. 

When we do work that really matters to us we do our best work. We feel more like ourselves and we make the biggest impact as a result.

I can help you find your focus using my experience as a professional coach & creative.

I want you to succeed doing work that you’re proud of. 

That’s why I’m offering 1:1 online coaching calls…

What my clients say…

Elspeth P, Producer/Director

You’re brilliant because you understand – you are a creative and you have great empathy for other creatives. You’re the perfect person to communicate with so thank you. I’m starting to feel that I’m getting my voice into my marketing at last. It’s as though I’m just to starting to get what marketing is about.

Rachel B. Vocalist & Admin at BIMM

Charlotte is a great source of clear, honest advice. She has helped me see the value I bring so that I had confidence to progress in my career, which helped me financially. She is dedicated to helping. It’s rare to find someone so talented in many areas of the creative industry! 😀

Chandra W. Music Composer

Charlotte’s deep understanding of the human potential, her kindness, expertly studied approach and level-headedness greatly benefited me when I was stuck in a creative rut. I now have a website, portfolio & paying clients. I HIGHLY recommend her coaching services.

Whitney S. Confidence Coach

Before working with Charlotte I was lost and unclear on the steps I needed to take in my business and after our time together I feel inspired and energized. She has a gentle, calming way about her while also being very motivating. She holds a safe space to express emotions, I highly recommend her!

Cath C. Hypnobirthing Teacher

I was feeling lost and stuck in my business ( before my session with Charlotte. Charlotte helped me find clarity on what to focus on and who my ideal clients are. She made me feel safe and confident to share my thoughts and feelings with her and has given me a sense of direction and purpose…

Rachael B. Teacher & Graphic Novelist

 It was brilliant, I started the session very uncertain about what I should do and I now feel really clear in the order of what I’m going to do and how I’m going to go about doing it and it’s fun. That’s really important. I don’t feel like I’ve got loads of work to do…

Wallis E. Artist & Facilitator

I came to the session not even knowing what I was going to talk about and just having that space to reflect on my week and where I’m at – the question helped me dive into what I’m thinking, feeling and fearing and what my blocks are and goals are has clarified things for me…

Francesca R. Graphic Designer

Also you helped me get a more positive outlook for the next few months just in an hours talk I have what I’m going to do until the end of December, so I’m sorted! I was stuck on a passion project and how to continue it with sustained effort. Just by talking with you you…

Sarah B. Video Producer

I don’t think I realized how overwhelmed I was until now. I’m feeling a lot more level headed, less stuck so I feel a lot lighter. I have a priority list which I didn’t have before and a clear plan to get to what my goals are on a time line which I didn’t have…