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What is career coaching for creatives? And how can I help you figure what an answer to the that annoying question “what do I do with my life?”

A couple years ago my friend and I went on a trip across America from east to west. Chicago, Yellowstone, San Francisco, Seattle and Utah.

We met a lot of cool people and one question that kept coming up, apart from ‘where are you from’, was ‘what do you do’.

I hate that question and I always have – ever since I had to decide what I did for a living!

I’ve never been comfortable with that question because the answer didn’t reflect who I was, what I was capable of or how I wanted others to see me.

Even when I tried telling people I was a writer/ creator/ artist – I didn’t feel like my portfolio justified that title. I wasn’t good enough yet.

So when someone asked me, ‘what do you do’, for years I felt guilty.

Like an imposter. A failure.

There are lots of reasons for feeling this way, but for me at the time it was because I wasn’t doing my thing.

I wasn’t doing the work that really mattered to me.

Even though I knew that wonderful things happened when I did things that matter to me;

Work doesn’t feel like work.

I feel productive.

I feel good about myself.

And I do good…

So why wasn’t I doing work that really mattered to me?

There were a lot of invisible forces getting in my way, but thankfully I came across a system that helped me work through them faster than any I’d come across before.

First off, I had to pay attention to what my aim in life really was. It wasn’t enough to have financial goals and a vision board of my dream house. I had to figure out what sort of journey I wanted to go on to get to there. In other words, how I wanted to feel in my working life. That became my goal – one that could sustain and motivate me through any resistance I might encounter.

Then I had to get out of my own way. I had limiting beliefs about my ability to find the work that actually played to my strengths, sustained my lifestyle and made a difference in peoples lives. Some beliefs I had I wasn’t even aware of…and I didn’t realize how much negative self talk was holding me back. I had to identify and challenge them to get over myself and change my mindset.

I also had to notice the guilt and shame I was feeling about work and understand why it was there. Once I let it go I felt more confident and even excited to try new things…

It wasn’t enough that I was following an action plan to sustain my lifestyle. I had to find an action plan that INSPIRED me everyday to do my best work.

Basically. the system I used looks like this (and get a more detailed explanation of this system in my free ebook here):

personal development system charlotte m l bailey

Overall I had to take time to myself, for myself, to do some introspective digging. I started asking myself the right questions and tried a hundred different things until a few of them stuck: like keeping a diary.

I have the self-help DIY mentality that a lot of creative types have so it took me a while, but things really took off for me when I got a coach. Two coaches, in fact! It felt so transformational that I got one after another.  For once it felt like I had someone on my side who knew how to help me get from A to B.

Now I get why so many successful business people and athletes invested in themselves via a coach :’)

career coaching for creatives SWilliams and her coach

Within a few sessions, I got unstuck. I began to apply the techniques and tools I’d picked up over the years. What I’d needed was that space that a coach can create to help me feel…

Y’know, when I think about it the word ‘safe’ comes to mind.

That’s the feeling…I felt like I was in a safe place to explore my ideas, that my ideas were okay to have and heck, that they’re even possible.

And I settled on the right coach for me, someone a little further ahead on the path I wanted to be on, so they could help me with my own roadmap to where I wanted to be.

That’s what I want to offer by career coaching for creatives. I want to support them to have a greater awareness of themselves and a truer vision for their future.

As someone from the creative industry myself, I’ve felt the struggle of wanting to get on with my own projects. Of trying to prioritise my to-do list and getting stuck along the way with money worries, limited time or lack of know-how and imagination.

Truthfully, I’m still working on the awkwardness I feel when someone asks me “what do I do” (that’s for another post).

But for the first time in my life I’m proud to tell the world that I’m career coaching for creatives.

If you’re interested in figuring this out together, get an invitation to live mindset & marketing webinars with me for creatives who want to level up in their careers or business here.

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