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If I could send an email to my past self I would tell her to look for a creative coach. I got here in the end, but it would have saved me a lot of faff.

I had a five-hour round trip commute to my first full-time job.

As a creative entering the workforce I struggled with defining who I wanted to be and the impact I wanted to make. To make the most of my time sitting in traffic, I gave myself an education in personal development, business & investing.

In my lunch breaks, evenings & weekends I pursued the dream of passive income and I ended up with a property business generating just that. I bought my first home and went part-time, eager to grow it.

Then my best friend died at 30. His aspirations and plans were all over his bedroom walls. I recognised that I was on track to reach an idea of success that wasn’t really my own. I was feeling overworked and unaccomplished as a result.

I had a sense of guilt no matter that I did. I had caring co-workers, a great office, a good salary, flexible hours. I kept telling myself “hey, you’ve made it – why are you complaining?” “Just suck it up” “You’re almost there” – but the lack of fulfillment affected my work ethic and sense of self worth.

I had so many ideas to explore – but my confidence and voice were both buried under years of feeling like a cog in a machine, trying to find my place within a corporate culture that simply didn’t fit, doing work that didn’t really matter.

Things really kicked off for me when I started to invest time and money in myself through classes, workshops and coaches. I started to ask better questions of myself. I redefined what success meant to me on my own terms and made lots of small, positive changes to my day to day life.

Now I’m finally doing the work that plays to my strengths and inspires me to show up at my best: helping creatives to tap into their creative potential and live their own idea of success.

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