When a creative professional launches a project or business, we can’t hide behind an office desk – our face, our name and our work is out there. If we want better return on our time & money investment we need to fall in love with marketing.

So why do I hate it so much???

Here’s me coming to terms with what’s been holding me back…

1. Time

As a marketer I feel like I’m constantly noticing the clock and thinking ‘how can it be that time already!’

Creatives want to create. We want to focus on the project and services – we want to make our ideas happen.

Marketing sucks up all that time. Posting on social media, search engine optimization, networking, facebook ads…learning how to do it and then doing it – takes time away from doing the making and actually helping people. The sheer amount of work you have to put into the marketing machine when all you want to do is make things bothers me.

2. It’s so salesy

And it’s not just time consuming, doesn’t feel great. A lot of the social posts I see comes across as pushy or showy, and when I try to do my own marketing following that example doesn’t align with my values, which feels kinda icky.

In fact, one of my clients said it best:

“I couldn’t get my tone right, there was too much mess there. It’s trying to find your voice in the marketing context, which is deeply uncomfortable for lots of people. I can find my voice in a piece of fictional writing, but how do you find your voice in the world of putting your work out? You’re serving people, great, but how do you do that in a genuine way?”

3. Fear of failure

It gets confusing. And terrifying – Algorithm, data & privacy, social media hashtags, to Tiktok or not to Tiktok…it’s always changing at a rapid rate.

So you’ve put all this work into your work – your website, services, project, course, podcast…you get the courage to post it to the world and you get …crickets. No joy.

Not a great feeling. A bit embarrassing, mainly just disheartening…

Not to speak of the fear of being judged by the world, of not being good enough, of failure…

Because being a creative professional can feel like walking down a street naked – it’s not just your work you’re putting out into the world – it’s YOU.

Reasons to love marketing

  • The internet is a crazy wonderful opportunity for creatives to reach audiences ALL OVER THE WORLD like never before.
  • You don’t have to master everything – play to your strengths and create a system that works for you. In fact when you’re starting out you should K.I.S.S your marketing: Keep It Super Simple.
  • It is, in essence, communicating to people. Your people – your community.  Instead of thinking about selling to them, think of it as showing up to serve them…with your project or service.  Again, my client talks about finding her voice through our coaching calls:

    “I’m starting to feel that I’m getting my voice in it. It takes a while to shift your brain into that and I feel like I’m starting to get it. Everyone’s got to learn in their own way.”
  • And if you love being creative, this is a creative project in and of itself. Dare I say it…it’s a lot of fun once you get into it.  

Truthfully, learning about marketing is easy – there is a lot of free advice out there. If you love to learn, and you have time and inclination to do so, it’s right there.

What’s hard is knowing what to ask for and getting it done.

I will help you to identify what you need and what you can do to get out of your own way. 

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